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Tenlek Technology is an IT company in Nigeria that render services related to technology (hardware, software, mobile app and web development). The company provides team of professionals that works together to ensure our clients are satisfy with the end products and services render to them. Some of the services we render to our clients are: designing and developing of fantastic, reliable, robustic and user-friendly website, mobile app and system application, networking of systems, installation of CCTV, IOT, repair of systems and other hardwares, system and cyber security, database management & repair, search engine optimation (SEO), etc.
We have developed several applications and softwares that help our clients handle complex tasks, some of these application packages are: Content Management System, School Management System, E-libray, Hospital Management System, CBT, Online Conference and Journal Submition, Online Service System, E-commerce, Inventory Managemnt System, E-voting System, Enterprise Resource Planning System, Games, etc.
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Software Development

We build a robustic system application that runs on any Operating System (OS) you want either window, linux or mac. Its quit amazing

Web Design

We design a unique, beautiful and user-friendly template that catch the eye of visitors for our clients.

Web Development

Beautiful website without a great functions is no design. We build an online services for our clients to handle their task online.


We also build mobile app (andriod and ios) that meet our client's needs. Also, we can help in convert a website to mobile app with nice interface...

Web Training

We train people to become a professional web designer & developer, network engineer and data analyst. Some of the package to learn are html, css, javascript, php, cisco networking, database management system, excel package, spss package, etc.


We network system together in an organization, we also do network security.

One design work for all devices Unique design


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Service what we do

We setup latest technology in term of hardware, software, web and mobile application for individual, companies, institutions and organizations, that requires any of our services.

We build system application that runs on any Operating System (OS) platform. We solve individual, companies institutions and organizations problem with the help computer application and algorithm through intensive research. Some of the applications are School Management System, Business Management System, CBT, Biometric System, Staff Attendance, Hotel Reservations System, E-voting System, etc. This can be inform of Learning software of Expert System.
We build web application for all with beautiful interface, great functions and user friendly application. An online service is the key reason for building website for our clients. Some of the packages designed are Database Management System, Content Delivery Network, Mailing Service, Web Service, File Processing, Expert system, Payment Integration, Biometric System, Security System etc.
Networking is the act of connecting system together either local or world-wide. We network computers together in an organizations, companies we also to intranet network.

Who we are Meet our team

Tenlek Technology have many professional and skilled personnel that work with them. Here are some the team icon.

Siyanbade Oyebode

Software Engineer

Siyanbola Yazid

Web Developer

Akintola Ololade

Network Engineer

What we do some of our work

Here are the list of some of our designed program.

Happy Clients What people say

Alexandra Marlin

IT Company

"Tenlek Technology is a fantastic technology company with high skills in software and web development, in fact in any technological field. I am happy with the web application you design for my club and the technology supply to us. Thanks"

William Mayowa

Safecomplex Manager

"I appreciate Tenlek Technology for the robust and sucured e-commerce website designed for my company. Alway wanting more package from you..."

Adedokun Julliet


"Tenlek Technology has perform outstandingly when it comes to developing system for an institution. Well done for the great job and wishing you better future."

Mrs. Ogunsola

Business Woman

"I still enjoy the Computer Based Test (CBT) software implemented for my jamb student, it is standard and effective. I will alway patronize your company."

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1 Jan

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Design Educational Software requires a lot of research, because of its complexity in the target group. Designing software of education require the developer to have knowledge about the target ...

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